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Ramp Construction Project

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Check out the front ramp progress
Removed concrete steps and footings
Digging out the footings from the old ramp.
Removing concrete steps from pre-ramp days.
Finishing up week 1: Digging out the slope
Gas and electric line issues resolved...

... the digging was completed.

Week 2 ends with forms, stones and the initial concrete pour. Surprisingly, it then started a series of rainy days.

Concrete forms (looking very much like legos) outline the future ramp.

Full ramp in; need steps, railings, landscaping.

Railings have been started. Steps are underway as well.
Granite steps have been installed and the railings completed. Just an apron of concrete between steps/ramps and the blacktop parking area. And landscaping of course!
Check out the front ramp progress

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